Welcome Phthalo Green to your palette

Put Phthalo Green’s intense color strength and brightness to work for you:

Dazzling Turquoise mixtures

Combined with our Silver Point, the Phthalo Green is transformed into a deep gemlike blue green with better opacity yet still cool and bright. For a paler Turquoise, mix the Phthalo Green with our King’s Blue that lightens the value but provides its own rich color and brightness for another gemlike result.

Phthalo Green mixed with our King’s Blue in featured image above


Deep mixed greens

Nature’s luxuriant summer greens are easier to mix from a strong, cool Phthalo Green tamed by warm natural earths. Yellow Ochre or Raw Sienna will yield verdant natural greens, medium deep and gently warm in tone. Burnt Sienna mixed with the Phthalo Green results in a deep forest green perfect for depicting warm shadows.

Yellow Ochre mixed with Phthalo Green


Burnt Sienna mixed with Phthalo Green


Far-off dark greens

Not to be avoided, the Phthalo Green will quickly become softly warmed and muted to suggest deep space in a landscape once modified by our Cedar or Jasper. Let the Cedar warm the extra brightness of Phthalo Green as it lightens the value and changes this modern fierce green into a sunlit soft Emerald. Jasper tames the vibrancy of the Phthalo Green allowing it to read as a distant dark tone, muted and slightly warmed.

Cedar and Jasper each warming and adding a sense of space to the Phthalo Green

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