The Ryder Studio

The Ryder Studio, located in Santa Fe, New Mexico, is a privately owned art school offering courses in figure drawing and portrait painting from life. Classes, which run from two weeks to nine months long, are open to students of all levels, ages sixteen and up. Principal instructor, Anthony Ryder. Associate instructors, Celeste Ryder and John Reger.

Programs at the Ryder Studio meet five days a week, six hours a day, and are from two weeks (workshops) to nine months long (atelier).

Anthony (Tony) Ryder at work on a still-life


Each year, in June and July, the Ryder Studio offers three two-week workshops, in figure drawing, portrait drawing and portrait painting, respectively. The two-week workshops introduce new students to classes at the Ryder Studio, and provide alumni with opportunities to continue advancing in their studies.

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Painting demonstration, 2012-2013 Atelier

2017-2018 Atelier

The Ryder Studio Atelier is a 30-hour per week life-drawing and portrait-painting program that runs from the beginning of September through the beginning of May each year. The realistic approach to drawing and painting taught in the Atelier is based on the instruction of Ted Seth Jacobs, with whom Anthony and Celeste Ryder studied from 1983 to 1989. At the beginning of each academic year the methods and techniques of drawing and painting are presented in a series of in-depth demonstrations. Students draw and paint from the live model and receive individual support and advice from Anthony and Celeste, as well as from John Reger, former student and now teacher at the Ryder Studio.

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