Sharing a few testimonials and notes of thanks from our customers

We deeply appreciate everyone’s generous support!


I received my order today with my new paints. I just wanted to thank you for the way it was packaged, a lot of thought and care went into packaging these paints. Your customer service has been outstanding as well! I’m very excited to receive my second order. Thanks again for the wonderful service, it makes all the difference in making customers happy and setting yourself apart from other companies. Just a little side note… My mother had bought the Vasari paints and I have to say we did a little paint test between 4 brands, which included Vasari, Old Holland, Michael Harding, Winsor Newton and hand down your paint was the most exceptional in different applications. I’m not sure if I would have realized how much better they were or even spent the money on replacing my other paints, until we did our little paint test.”

Thanks again,
Trish J.


“I switched to Vasari Paints…As an abstract oil painter, I require vivid colors and ease of application from my paints. My paintings are created with paint right out of the tube. The consistency of the paint I use and its flow are of major concern to me. I test and retest my paints before beginning each new work.

In 2013 a colleague at the Art Students’ League told me of Vasari paints which he considered the best of all brands. I traveled to the Vasari office in Chelsea and inquired as to what Vasari paints could provide that the current high quality brand of paint I was using did not. I was given a comprehensive demonstration by the owner of Vasari and purchased three colors to try. In less than a few weeks, I became extremely happy with these paints as their flow was unimpeded, steady and extremely workable.

Since then I have purchased many, many colors via the Vasari monthly sales and otherwise. I have found the quality and the rich pigmentation of this product to be excellent. I recommend them highly.”

Theo T.

“Hello Mr. Salek, One word “Fantastic colors” !!!

In addition I thank you for the detail of the two colors. I am very happy to be able to use such perfect paintings. That of happiness!

Receive my greetings”

Richard G.


“I just wanted to say thank you for the amazing and wonderful paints.

I had a fellow artist come over today and after trying some of the paints she immediately wanted to buy them from me, so that’s why I am reordering.

Best Regards,”

Mark A.


“Hi Vasari,

I just watched part of Scott Christensen’s demo. Very good and I totally agree with him.

I have been introducing your paints to all my artists friends. I give them gifts of a tube of your paint. They love it and I can truthfully say one of the artists is switching to your paints now.

Will drop in to see your great paints in two weeks.

The best paint ever.”

Barbara F.


“Hello! First let me say that I love Vasari oil paints and I now have 14 tubes. It is my dream to own one of each of your colors, and perhaps in time that will come true. I do know that any oil paint purchase that I make in the future will be with your company. Thank you for making such amazingly intense, buttery, saturated, and finely ground oil paint that is far and away better than my two previous favorite oil paint by Old Holland and Blockx…


Lynn L.


“I absolutely love Vasari oils….I have started using them and have all but put away many other brands. I am also introducing them to friends. I look forward to when you have sales because I Very much want to acquire EVERY color.Thank you for an outstanding product….I look forward to each order I receive.

Thank you,”

Kitty D.


“Hello– In October I purchased Vasari paint for my mom, Emma, as a birthday present. She fell in love with your paints, thank you for making her enjoy the fun and creative expression of painting again. You can hear her whistling while she’s painting which is always a sound of happiness.

My family and I pitched in to buy her more paints for Christmas. I know she will love them.

Thank you again. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!”

Tara K.



“I have long used your oils with pleasure. Those mixing videos are wonderful and greatly instructive, prompting this latest order. I am not sure who it was from your company that came to the torpedo factory art center in Alexandria, Va last year. He met with Susan M. The bummer is that I am the one that introduced Susan to Vasari oils. If anyone from the company comes again, i would love to meet with them. Thanks again for such a wonderful product line.”

Cindy R.


“Hi Gail, Thank you so much!

I truly love using Vasari paints – I sometimes try other brands for fun, but they just can’t compare to the depth of color and handling that Vasari paint has.

Best to you!”

Deb L.


“Dear Gail and Steve,

I thought I share my joy with you! 🙂

At the 8th competition of Raymar Art (Raymar’s 8th Annual Fine Art Competition) Daniel Gerhartz artist has chosen one of my oil paintings into the top twelve oil paintings!

The painting of course was prepared with Vasari oil paint ☺

Thank you,”

Miki F.



“Dear Steve,

I recently made my first order from Vasari. Thank you for the canvas bag you sent! I thought you might like some feedback-

When I saw that the minimum order was $100, I was a little nervous, but really wanted the Cedar Id seen on a friends palette. So I did it. Then, I was a little disappointed at the $11something shipping charge, but I wanted that Cedar.

But when I got the email at night that it had shipped? Very pleased! And when it arrived unexpectedly the nextday?? Thrilled. And very impressed with your nice packaging, and graphics, and very grateful for the gift. Overall, such a nice shopping experience that I was inclined to write, though I never do this.

And the paints are super.

Best regards,”

Valerie I.


“Hi — I mentioned using your “grays” in the latest issue of Plein Air Magazine. I don’t know what page it’s one — friends send me this photo of the page. That’s one of my plein air snow paintings. I’d said that I’d been skeptical about having to buy a new set of colors (Scott Christensen’s grays) for his workshop, but it only took a couple of days using them until I was hooked.

Thought you’d like to know about it.

Keep up the good work!”

Margie G.


“Thank you!!! …..and thanks for such an enjoyable time in your showroom in October. It was wonderful to look at all the colors….see how they mix with other colors ……you have a wonderful product!!!! Thanks for your time the day I visited. I had not been to NYC since 1974……your showroom was first on my list of places I wanted to go! Thanks again.

Happy Holidays to everyone at Vasari!!!!


Etta Y.



Hi, I am a long time customer who loves all of your paints, but, I most appreciate your version of King’s Blue. As odd as it may seem, this color is my workhorse. For example, if I need to kill a background coming forward, or if I am painting a highlight and need just a ‘molecule’ of blue, or if I am mixing beautiful mud color, I reach for my ‘assistant.’ Thanks for making great oil paints, and in particular, for making my favorite.”



“Yours are truly the best paints out there, and I am thrilled that you stay so “fiercely independent”! Thank you for making such wonderful paint.


Ahni K.


“Stephen, I received my order from you. Thank you very much for the hand written letter and the extra tube of titanium white paint! It was very kind of you.

Let me first start off by complementing you on your packaging- WOW! Great presentation! It was like opening an apple computer, but much better!

I didn’t try the paint right away, shame on me. I had been painting with the oils that I had, thinking that I didn’t want to waist them. But your paints mocked me all the while as they sat in the nice shiny case that they sat in. I tried the titanium white first– it was like working with butter. I soon scraped off all of my other paint from my glass palette and replaced it with the new Vasari paint. What a difference!

I just started painting, I used acrylics first, then switched to oils, but I can tell the difference right away! This is the only paint that I will use for the rest of my painting life. Thank you!

I have already been spreading the word and telling those who I know who paint about you. I want them to have the same experience!

Thank you again for what you are doing! Keep up the great work!”

sam h.