Silver Point or Ship Rock

Silver Point is that perfect middle gray to mix with a cool transparent dark, like a Phthalo, to show its true coloration and undertone.

Silver Point mixed into Phthalo Blue (green shade) brings forward the greenish undertone of this transparent blue.

Because it is cool mixing and so neutral, Silver Point only slightly softens the Phthalo Green or Phthalo Blue and keeps it fairly dark even though it adds a lot of opacity to the mixture.

Try it also with Dioxazine Purple, Prussian Blue or even our Ruby Violet to make the mass tone of all these colors more readable while keeping their gemlike richness.

Silver Point mixed into our Ruby Violet reflects this cool violet’s bluer undertone; it’s now more visible.

By contrast, the Ship Rock is a light warm gray so the value changes will be more pronounced as it complements the coolness of a Phthalo and imparts a lot of neutralizing warmth.

Silver Point mixed into Phthalo Green, on the left, for a deep turquoise mixture. Ship Rock mixed into the same Phthalo Green, on the right, tames the bright green as it tints it for a more natural effect.

What’s so amazing is how Ship Rock softly tones down these cool darks while adding a real sense of light and space into the mixture. Ship Rock will appear to “push back” warm colors too, without any dulling, and make them more atmospheric yet still visually exciting.

Ship Rock mixed into our very warm Permanent Bright Red for a more subtle mixture to imply distance.

Mixed from bright complements, Silver Point and Ship Rock are great colors on their own or can be your go-to colors for adding either subtle bluing or a hazy distant warmth. Tell us how you use them.

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  1. These ideas you share about mixing colors are very helpful. The way you talk about the paints is also quite educational. Please continue to share this type of information via blog and video. Thank you

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