Scott L Christensen 2018 Workshops Now Posted

Scott L. Christensen 2018 Workshops now posted with new options!

To register, contact Jessica at 208-787-5851 or email:


2018 Workshop Schedule


(formerly “Intensive Workshop”)

May 25-28, 2018

August 17-20, 2018

Location: Victor, Idaho

These four-day landscape oil painting workshops are dedicated to helping the artist make more informed decisions with their outdoor paintings. Combining indoor lectures, painting, and demonstrations, the artist will gain a greater understanding of the in-depth decision-making process to further support and guide their work.


Scott L Christensen 2018 Workshops

Fox Creek Winter, by Scott L. Christensen, 12 x 18, oil, exhibited in the 30th Annual Western Visions®, 2017, National Museum of Wildlife Art, Jackson Hole, WY




(formerly “Advanced Workshop”)

August 24-27, 2018

September 14-17, 2018

Location: Victor, Idaho

Painting is a balance between knowledge and enthusiasm in preparation for the artists’ work. The 5-person “Thinking Artistically” workshops are focused on the study, decision-making process, and continued growth of the artist. Participants will gain tools to inform their artistic thinking while also challenging themselves to think more divergently on the subject at hand. Combined indoor lecture with painting exercises help emphasize the concepts covered.


Scott L Christensen 2018 Workshops

Scott L. Christensen




Who: Your own group of 4-6 people

Where: Victor, Idaho or at a location of your choosing

Do you have a group of artists that always paint together? Does your group want to come take a workshop together with Scott at his studio? Or do you want him to meet you at another location? Put together your own group of artist friends to come to Idaho or have Scott come to your home or a location of your choosing. Contact Jessica with inquiries and begin planning your customized experience today.

For further details on Scott’s workshops, visit his website here



Scott L Christensen 2018 Workshops

“April Greens,” the 40” x 30” oil painting entry by Scott L. Christensen in the 2017 Prix de West Invitational Art Exhibition & Sale, at the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum, Oklahoma City, OK

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