Ridgewood Art Institute Paint Out

Ridgewood Art Institute – Paint Out

Call to Artists, Members and Friends of The Ridgewood Art Institute!

Save this Date: Sunday, September 10, 2017     Time: 12noon – 3:30pm

Ridgewood Art Institute Paint Out

Please join us to Paint Out in Downtown Ridgewood during The Ridgewood Guild’s Music Festival.


Here’s how to enter:

Register in the RAI tent located in the park from 12 to 1
Paint from 1 to 3:30 (please note that the Music Festival will take place in the park from 1 to 6                          Join us along Ridgewood Ave. near the park to display and sell (if desired) your plein air paintings from 4-6.
Artists should bring their own easels and paint supplies
There is no registration fee – but donations will be appreciated!
Painting subjects will range from musicians – to the crowd -to downtown scenes.

To learn more visit the event page of their website at: the Ridgewood Art Institute



Update to Ridgewood Art Institute Paint Out

Ridgewood Art Institute Paint Out

Carl Holst, President of The Ridgewood Art Institute, displaying his finished work at the paint out


Ridgewood Art Institute Paint Out

Our set up at the paint out: dispensing totes and squeezing paint onto the artists’ palettes and plates.


Ridgewood Art Institute Paint Out

The Ridgewood Art Institute, at 12 East Glen Avenue, Ridgewood, NJ, is a non-profit arts organization made up of professional and amateur artists who represent and perpetuate America’s heritage of traditional realism in painting and drawing. We have been in existence since 1935. The pursuit of beauty in fine art, together with the highest standards of excellence, is promoted through our classes exhibitions, lectures, and demonstrations, which are made available to the public.

Long considered one of the nation’s best community art associations, the Ridgewood Art Institute has its origins in the 19th century French Barbizon School and accredits influential American master and educator Frank Vincent DuMond, whose assimilation of the French academic tradition into American Impressionist painting was arguably the single most significant event in our history as an art institute. Many of our instructors and students are second and third generation heirs to his teachings, and are committed to preserving and cultivating this rich tradition.

DuMond’s historical influence on our instruction is unmistakable, and nowhere is it more preserved than in our palette. Variations of his color range – consisting of premixed blues, grays, violets, and greens in tonal progression from cadmium yellow to red – are still used by many instructors at the Ridgewood Art Institute and around the country. This palette has been studied, refined, and adapted for use in both oil and watercolors by our instructors over the years.

Ridgewood Art Institute Paint Out

Rebecca Leer, oil painting instructor, during a portrait demonstration.

View this informative presentation and numerous other comprehensive and engaging painting videos by Ridgewood Art Institute faculty online. 

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