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American Impressionist Society-National Juried Exhibition

The American Impressionist Society’s 18th Annual National Juried Exhibition will take place September 28 – October 29, 2017 at Montgomery-Lee Fine Art in Park City, Utah. Opening reception with Awards Presentation is from 5 to 9pm at Montgomery-Lee Fine Art on Thursday, September 28th. We are pleased to sponsor two […]

Welcome Phthalo Green to your palette

Put Phthalo Green’s intense color strength and brightness to work for you: Dazzling Turquoise mixtures Combined with our Silver Point, the Phthalo Green is transformed into a deep gemlike blue green with better opacity yet still cool and bright. For a paler Turquoise, mix the Phthalo Green with our King’s […]

Betsy Ashton

“I’ve been sketching everything in sight since I was old enough to hold a pencil, but the thing I wanted to sketch the most has always been people. When bored in school I would invariably wind up sketching the teacher. ‘Betsy! What are you doing? Bring that up here!’ she […]

Sharon Sprung

“My paintings are a carefully observed negotiation, manipulated layer upon layer in order to create a work of art as equivalent as possible to the complexity of real life. They are an attempt to control the almost uncontrollable substance that is oil paint, and the equally untamable expression of the […]

Dot Bunn

ARTIST’S STATEMENT Surely the gift of being creative is a wonderful thing but talent comes from hard work and discipline. The final painting that leaves my easel has a carefully designed structure that guides my choices throughout the process. Design is my starting point and many of my paintings had […]

Gauguin: Artist as Alchemist

Currently on view at the Art Institute of Chicago, Gauguin: Artist as Alchemist, takes an in-depth look at Post-Impressionist Paul Gauguin’s creative process and how he challenged cultural, geographic, and material boundaries. Perhaps best known for his paintings of women in idyllic Tahitian settings, Paul Gauguin was an artist whose career […]

Dot Bunn – Workshops in Bucks County

Art Workshops at Red Stone Farm Studio Red Stone Farm Studio is a unique destination for art classes and workshops, taught by regionally and nationally recognized instructors. Located in Bucks County Pennsylvania, our intimate studio setting hosts intensive painting classes and workshops that enable artists to improve their artistic process […]

Dacia Gallery’s NYC Artist Residency

Located in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, at 53 Stanton St., Dacia Gallery presents museum quality solo and group exhibitions of contemporary art by established and emerging artists. The gallery’s “Paint with the Masters” Artist Residency is a weeklong (or two weeklong) painting intensive in New York City. Offered […]

MoMA Online Courses

Explore a variety of perspectives and topics related to modern and contemporary art at your own pace. Original materials include films featuring artists, educators, curators and others, along with text, audio, images, and digital resources. Delve into MoMA’s self-guided online courses or join a larger community of learners in one of MoMA’s […]