Lois Dickson: New Worlds

The New York Studio School is pleased to present an exhibition of recent paintings by Lois Dickson. Lois makes her paintings in response to images that emerge from her imagination. A painting can evolve using spontaneous sweeping and interlocking gestures. As images appear on her canvas, and colors ask to be present, the process of working and solving the painting begins. The result is a conflagration of images that are simultaneously imaginative and engineered, deliberate and accidental. She is very influenced by the work of early European abstract painters and by the Americans: Marsden Hartley and, especially, Arthur Dove. She states: “I continue to be interested primarily in the fundamentals of picture making: form, space, color. With this recent body of work, I am also opening the door to surprise narratives. While I always hope to invite something “dark”, I find humorous personalities taking up residence. I think I’ll let them stay for now.”

Lois Dickson was born in Cleveland, Ohio. She received a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Michigan, a Master of Fine Arts from the New York Academy of Art and Honors in Drawing from the New York Studio School’s full time Certificate Program. She has exhibited extensively the Northeast, including six solo shows at the John Davis Gallery, NYC and Hudson, NY; a solo show at North Point Gallery, Kinderhook, NY; and The Witherspoon Gallery, Princeton, NJ. Selected Group Exhibitions include: Nina Nielson Gallery, Boston, MA; John Davis Gallery, Hudson, NYC; and The Prince Street Gallery, The Bowery Gallery, Art and Democracy Gallery, The New York Studio School, and The Painting Center – all in NYC.

The exhibition is on view from June 12 – July 16, 2017, at The New York Studio School, 8 West 8th St., New York, NY.

The New York Studio School is committed to giving a significant education to the aspiring artist that can last a lifetime. Our aim is to reveal to the entering student appropriate questions about drawing, painting and sculpture and to encourage them to work hard and think rigorously at all times, enabling them to construct an ethical and philosophical framework for their life’s work.

The graduating Certificate or MFA student leaves the School with a developed understanding of the language of art; an enlarged imagination stirred by an established work ethic, with the passion and ambition to be an artist for years to come.


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“Out of Reach,” 2016

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