Our highly pigmented Cadmium Yellows


Our highly pigmented Cadmium Yellows are buttery smooth, brilliant, and strong.


Long and ready for your brush                     

We mill our paint with the highest pigment load possible. Soft metallic pigments, such as the cadmiums, turn out buttery and long in consistency at this high pigment level.

The addition of chalk-like additives and extenders would easily produce a dry, heavier and dense paint, but the color strength and beauty would be sacrificed. Even though these fillers are considered “pigments” in the paint industry, we don’t use them, causing our paint to go further, physically and visually, and be more useful for direct painting.

This is why Vasari Classic Artists’ Oil Colors are so different in handling compared to other brands. Many artists find it “freeing” to just paint and not need a medium to make the color more fluid or lush. Others find it challenging to use a looser consistency Cadmium.

Traditional wood palettes are helpful. Cadmiums and other 19th century mineral colors are best kept with the cap facing downward to avoid oil separation in the tube when not in use or for long term storage.


Highly pigmented for maximum light and opacity

In addition to their buttery consistency, our highly pigmented Cadmium Yellows are intensely luminous. They are pure color. As primary yellows on a palette, they will be rich and opaque in mixing, yet very natural, without loosing their color strength.

Cadmium Yellow Lemon is so bright and opaque that it mixes like a cold white. It will easily produce a much lighter mixture than a warmer Cadmium Yellow, and the mixture will be spatially more distinct.

Our highly pigmented Cadmium Yellows

Cadmium Yellow Lemon, Cadmium Yellow Light, and Cadmium Yellow each mixed with the medium deep and somewhat neutral Chromium Oxide. Resulting yellow green mixtures are all more glowing but get deeper in value as the yellows get warmer in tone.


The powerful glow of our Cadmium Yellow Lemon will shine through transparent and semi-transparent dark earths, or our warm Ivory Black, for a wide range of delicate yellow greens still rich in color.

Our highly pigmented Cadmium Yellows

Cadmium Yellow Lemon mixed with our Ivory Black on the left and with our Cyprus Umber-Green on the right.


Here are a few examples Monet’s use of Cadmium Yellows to capture nature’s light and warmth. Click on the links for each work below, at the Art Institute of Chicago, to learn more:

Our highly pigmented Cadmium Yellows

Apples and Grapes, Claude Monet 1880, oil on canvas, 26.25 x 32.5




Our highly pigmented Cadmium Yellows

The Cliff Walk at Pourville, Claude Monet 1882, oil on canvas, 26.25 x 32.5



Our highly pigmented Cadmium Yellows

Bordighera, Claude Monet 1884, oil on canvas, 25.5 x 31.75




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