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Bay Area Classical Artist Atelier in the San Francisco Bay Area City of San Carlos presents Graydon Parrish’s workshop, Form Painting and Super Fantastic Munsell Color Course.

10 – Day workshop from August 14 – 25, 2017, Monday thru Friday, at BACAA Studios, 345 Quarry Rd., San Carlos, CA

This course will teach both novice and experienced painters confused about color how to precisely mix every color available in the gamut of oil paint and how to apply them to every day painting situations.  

 By using the color notation system created by Albert Munsell, artist and educator, students will understand the nuances of color, how color has the separate properties of hue, value and chroma, and why artists past and present choose specific pigment for painting problems. We will explore palette organization, study light, halftone and shadow and learn the important skill of bracketing.

Add to this an extraordinary and racy day named  “Fleshy Friday” when students get to mix the flesh tones of just about everyone, anywhere. This truly is a color class full of eye taxing scrutiny and exhilarating discovery.” 

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Graydon Parrish received his training at the New York Academy of Art where he earned his MFA and in the private atelier of Michael Aviano. Later he continued his education studying art history at Amherst College and assisting Gerald M. Ackerman on the catalogue raisonees of Jean-Léon Gérôme and Charles Bargue. This contributed to his deep understanding of 19th century artistic practices, philosophies and criticisms.

Parrish has lectured at the Clark Art Institute, the University of Hartford, the Austin Museum of Art and the Santa Barbara Museum of Art. Today, Parrish’s work can be found in many public collections including the New Britain Museum of American Art, the Butler Art Institute and the Blanton Museum of Art as well as the personal collections of Michael Huffington, Christopher Forbes and Carmen Dell’Orefice.


BACAA is a recognized institution offering Workshops with eminent teachers of the Contemporary Classical Realist Tradition and weekly Art Classes for artists of all abilities who desire to study drawing and painting in this tradition. We are located 30 minutes south of San Francisco, CA in the beautiful town of San Carlos CA. The BACAA studio has 25-foot ceilings and high north facing windows, which provide the ideal environment for classical study.

Beginning in 2001, BACAA set a high standard by hosting a successful workshop with Anthony Ryder. For the last ten years we have successfully hosted distinctive workshops with many esteemed teachers, such as master artist Ted Seth Jacobs, Michael Grimaldi, Dan Thompson, Jon deMartin, Juliette Aristides, and many more. We have developed a relationship with the realist community in the United States as well as in Europe. We now host about ten master workshops per year in addition to our weekly classes.

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