Dacia Gallery’s NYC Artist Residency

Located in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, at 53 Stanton St., Dacia Gallery presents museum quality solo and group exhibitions of contemporary art by established and emerging artists.

The gallery’s “Paint with the Masters” Artist Residency is a weeklong (or two weeklong) painting intensive in New York City. Offered in both Summer and Fall Sessions, the program includes painting from live models, business of art lecture, guest speakers, gallery walk, and final group exhibition.

Dates:  One Week Session I – July 10 – 15, 2017

            Two Week Session II – October 23 – November 4, 2017

Residency Description: Dacia Gallery is pleased to announce its Paint With the Masters Artist Residency Program for 2017, in New York City. The painting intensive program will comprise of drawing and painting the figure from life, guest lecturers, a business of art course and gallery visits. Additionally, Dacia Gallery will host a group exhibition of the artwork created during the program. The Art Studio is located in the heart of New York City among all the major galleries in the city, providing maximum exposure to today’s contemporary art scene. Art walks will be taken during opening receptions to explore today’s contemporary art scene. Your time is meant to be productive, illuminating and memorable.

Invitation to Artists: The Artist Residency is open to all visual artists and will accommodate all levels of experience, from the beginner, who is seeking to develop basic skills, to the advanced artist, who may be interested in insights into the instructor’s approach and practices. Artists living in New York, national and international artists are invited to attend. This is a wonderful opportunity to study and paint with master artists in NYC, if you are interested in participating register today.

What to Expect: Artists will meet daily at our Artist Studio under teacher instruction. Art classes will alternate between figure painting, the business of art, guest speakers and gallery visits. Your week is structured to guarantee that you produce new work and improve your painting skills. You will meet professionals in the art world and develop your network, make new artist friends and have fun in and outside of the studio.

Art Exhibition: It’s your moment in the spotlight. On the last Saturday night of the program from 5-8pm Dacia Gallery will host a formal Opening Reception & Exhibition presenting your work in a group show that is open to the public. Lee Vasu, the founder and curator of Dacia Gallery, will be on hand to help each artist prepare for the show. Once the public has arrived, each participating artist will give an artist talk to the assembled crowd outlining the featured artwork and methodology to collectors, artists, gallerists and the admiring public.

Bring a Friend: While the artists work daily in an exclusive group setting, artists can bring a friend or spouse to accompany them to New York if you are from out of town, share housing and participate in our out-of-class events. This will be an exciting arts adventure and good to share with someone.


 Figure Painting Intensive: Monday – Thursday, 10am – 5pm: Class will focus on painting from the live model. Pose lengths will vary from short to long, and each student will produce a body of work, focusing under instructor guidance on different aspects of the figure, such as form, light, shape, distribution of force, mood, and personality. The aspects discussed will aid the student to develop three fundamental elements of figurative drawing and painting: the technique of drawing, the skill of seeing the figure, and the introduction of life into a painting. The class will also include short lectures, instructor demonstrations, extended painting sessions, and personalized critique of the work produced, with suggestions for future practice. We will be working with oil on canvas. The instructor is present during all classes, assisting each artist during this intensive figure painting course.

The Business of Art: Monday evening we feature a lecture course on the business of art. Clarifying to artists the inner workings of the art world and how to successfully market one’s artistic career to achieve representation by a gallery or an arts institution. We will discuss how to advertise and market your work, how to establish prices and how to approach a gallery for a solo or group exhibition. Professionalism and presentation is of utmost importance and we want to prepare you for all the ups and downs of what it takes to successfully exhibit your artwork. While we focus on the New York art scene, the skills you learn here are applicable to galleries anywhere.

Guest Speakers: Tuesday and Wednesday evenings we host guest speakers and lecturers at the art studio. They include prominent working artists and professionals in the art world. The talks are candid, informative, intimate and revelatory. A question and answer period follows every lecture. Previous speakers include successful New York artists: David Kassan, Daniel Maidman, Kristy Gordon, Janet Cook and art writer David Masello from the New York Times, Fine Art Connoisseur and American Arts Quarterly to name a few.

Gallery Walk: Most New York galleries hold their openings on Thursday nights and will explore the galleries in the Lower East Side and elsewhere in the city. This is a chance to view the works of famous artists, meet gallerists, socialize with like-minded art goers and be an integral part of the inspiring art scene.

Open Studio: Friday’s are designated as an open studio day to complete your paintings. The instructor will be present to give full support and instruction to the resident artists to complete all artwork for exhibition the last week of the artist residency.

Art Exhibition: On the last Saturday night of the residency from 5-8pm Dacia Gallery will host a formal Opening Reception & Exhibition presenting your work in a group show that is open to the public.

Weekend for Two-Week Session II: During the weekend and free time, we will visit most of the major museums in NYC, such as, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Museum of Modern Art and the Frick Collection. By exploring these remarkable museums we will have a well-rounded art history lesson from the old masters to the contemporary artists of today.


For more details and to register online, visit http://www.daciagallery.com/artistresidency/newyork-2014-02-overview.php

Or contact info@daciagallery.com, 917-727-9383








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