Dacia Gallery’s 7th Anniversary Celebration

Dacia Gallery’s 7th Anniversary Celebration

Dacia Gallery celebrated its 7th year with a group show, Seven-Year Anniversary Exhibition, September 19 – 30, 2017. Located at 53 Stanton St., New York, NY, the gallery hosted an opening reception and artist talk on Thursday, September 21.

Dacia Gallery's 7th

Lee Vasu, artist, curator and founder of Dacia Gallery, leading off the Artist Talk with an overview of the work on display.


Featuring the artists Erin Anderson, Bob Clyatt, Janet Cook, Kristy Gordon, Sirun Guan, Thomas Legaspi, Daniel Maidman, Cameron McCool, Kevin Moore, Andrea Packard, Knut Andre Vikshåland, Patricia Watwood and Leah Yerpe, the exhibition embodied an eclectic mix of contemporary artists with a focus on representational art through painting and drawing.

The collection contained a mosaic of work through a life long study of anatomy, depth, color and light through the unique vision of each artist. From renowned representational artists, Daniel Maidman and Janet Cook to classically influenced Patricia Watwood and rising stars Bob Clyatt and Erin Anderson. Fusing together an achievement of what is currently being created in representational art at the peak of a new movement by young inspiring artists.

Visit the gallery’s website to view further information on this exhibition and ones of interest from the past seven years….it will be time well spent!        www.daciagallery

Dacia Gallery's 7th

Here are more images from the opening reception:


Dacia Gallery's 7th

Byzantina Moderna, egg tempura and 24K gold on wood, by Lee Vasu

Visit his website at:  http://www.leevasu.com


Dacia Gallery's 7th

Janet Cook discussing her painting Wilderness during the Artist Talk


Dacia Gallery's 7th

Wilderness, 24 x 48, oil on aluminum panel, by Janet Cook, at right

Visit her website at:  http://www.janetacook.com


Dacia Gallery's 7th

Gabrielle, 14 x 18, oil on linen, by Andrea Packard, at right

Visit her website at: andrea packard art


Dacia Gallery's 7th

Left to right: Sirun Guan chatting with Thomas Legaspi at the opening.


Dacia Gallery's 7th

Cyrus, oil, by Sirun Guan

Visit her website at:  http://www.sguanfineart.com


Dacia Gallery's 7th

Flight of Broken Dreams, oil, by Thomas Legaspi

Visit his website at: http://thomaslegaspi-art.com


About Dacia Gallery

Dacia Gallery has organized and curated exhibitions of contemporary emerging and established artists since opening in September 2010.

The gallery exhibits a wide array of mediums from painting, printmaking, sculpture and mix media. Our monthly exhibitions present an exceptional portfolio of artists to collectors and art enthusiasts.

Notable artists include Patricia Watwood, Max Ginsburg, Stephen Early, Leah Yerpe, Travis Little, Janet Cook and Daniel Maidman. In addition, exhibiting artists are always present at our opening receptions where we invite them to give an artist talk and to meet and greet the admiring public.

Visit the Dacia Gallery website to explore their year round open submission policy and the many opportunities to exhibit work in upcoming shows.




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