Why This Black?

When deciding upon a black for your palette, think first how you want it to function … a color on its own? … a subtle dark to deepen a mixture? … great for mixing grays? Knowing the differences between black pigments such as Ivory Black, Mars Black or Lamp Black […]

Our highly pigmented Cadmium Yellows

  Our highly pigmented Cadmium Yellows are buttery smooth, brilliant, and strong.   Long and ready for your brush                      We mill our paint with the highest pigment load possible. Soft metallic pigments, such as the cadmiums, turn out buttery and long in consistency at this high pigment level. The addition […]

Welcome Phthalo Green to your palette

Put Phthalo Green’s intense color strength and brightness to work for you: Dazzling Turquoise mixtures Combined with our Silver Point, the Phthalo Green is transformed into a deep gemlike blue green with better opacity yet still cool and bright. For a paler Turquoise, mix the Phthalo Green with our King’s […]

A Case for Brown: Raw and Burnt Umbers

We reach for Umber whenever we want something dark and neutral. The deep values of brown earths are easily recognized, their warm or less warm tonality easily understood when using in a mixture or passage. Only Natural Brown earths can offer this powerful characteristic where value (how dark it is) […]

Silver Point or Ship Rock

Silver Point is that perfect middle gray to mix with a cool transparent dark, like a Phthalo, to show its true coloration and undertone. Silver Point mixed into Phthalo Blue (green shade) brings forward the greenish undertone of this transparent blue. Because it is cool mixing and so neutral, Silver […]